Sir-Monkat got angry Lol!!! (2)

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Sir-Monkat got angry Lol!!! (2) Empty Sir-Monkat got angry Lol!!! (2)

Post by UnknownGuy on 22nd February 2012, 14:44

Me and mub were playing in my server, in a normal world. Then, he gets angry by having his Minecraft lagging like hell:

[07:31] MegaGTA4Master™️: I was fixing some griefing ffs, switched to survival map...
[07:32] <This user is now playing Minecraft>
[07:32] Sir-MonKat: now MY FCKING GAME HANG
[07:33] Sir-MonKat: p,g
[07:33] Sir-MonKat: omg
[07:33] Sir-MonKat: gay
[07:33] MegaGTA4Master™️: dude just wait
[07:33] Sir-MonKat: it still fcking freezed
[07:34] Sir-MonKat: omg
[07:34] Sir-MonKat: fck this NOOB PLUGIN
[07:34] Sir-MonKat: BUKIIT STUF
[07:34] Sir-MonKat: FCKING MINECRAFT
[07:34] <This user stopped playing Minecraft>
[07:36] MegaGTA4Master™️: ffs fixed the problem
[07:37] <This user is now playing Minecraft>
[07:40] <This user stopped playing Minecraft>
[07:40] Sir-MonKat: yep i told ya
[07:40] Sir-MonKat: FCK MINECRAFT
[07:40] Sir-MonKat: laggy fck bitch
[07:40] MegaGTA4Master™️: it's your computer bitch
[07:41] <This user is now offline>

But still, due to this, I have time to make mods Very Happy

Sir-Monkat got angry Lol!!! (2) Banner_58
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