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Post by UnknownGuy on 22nd December 2011, 21:54

Forum rules:

1. Be respectfull and don't annoy other people;
2. Don't swear.
3. Don't put pictures/videos containing pornography. If we see anything, imidiate ban. (Might be temporary).
4. Don't spam.
5. A little suggestion: Your signature shouldn't contain massive text/pictures. Same as spam.
6. Don't send any aggressive Private Messages (PM's). If a member is doing this, contact an administrador. We will warn him. If he continues, temporary ban. If continues, ban forever.
7. Don't spam in the chat box. We will warn you.
8. Don't put in your profile an aggressive picture.

Not following the above rules may get you IP BANNED.

About the warnings:

Receiving 2 warnings about the aggressive PM's, you are temp-banned.
Receiving 3 warnings about spam will lead to a temp-ban. If you receive the 5th warning, ban.
Receiving 5 warnings about swearing, ban.

We want a friendly community and have more members. So, please follow the rules.

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